ONI Press Creates ONI Entertainment to Produce Film/TV

Adapting comic book properties for the silver and small screens is all the rage these days, and independent publisher Oni Press doesn’t want to be left in the dust. Enter Oni Entertainment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oni has ended its relationship with Closed On Mondays entertainment, which had served as the film/television production arm for the Portland-based publisher. Closed On Mondays, headed by Eric Gitter, was responsible for the development of the successful adaptation of Oni’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. THR cited unnamed sources in stating that the geographic separation of Oni and Closed on Mondays (with the latter being headquartered in Los Angeles) is what led to the break-up.

In its place is the newly created Oni Entertainment, which will be run by staff from within Oni’s comic book division, an arrangement which Oni President Joe Nozemak hopes will be more beneficial to what he refers to as “Team Comic.”

In his statement to THR, Nozemak said that “The creator-owned comics industry and its relationship with other media has changed dramatically in the last ten years… Expectations have evolved alongside the avenues available and we see a new world of opportunities available to our talented creators and their fantastic books.”

This statement would seem to indicate a dissatisfaction with the manner in which Oni’s development-ready properties were being handled, and suggests that the publisher will be far more aggressive moving forward. There are certainly a great many possiblities when it comes to what might be on the development slate, such as Ande ParksCapote in Kansas, Brian Wood‘s Local, Mike Allred‘s Madman, or Brian Churilla‘s Secret History of D.B. Cooper.

While the newly formed division has yet to announce any forthcoming projects, it would appear to be only a matter of time.


Which Oni books would you like to see adapted for other media? Let us know in the comments!


Josh Epstein

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