Official Defenders Teaser Revealed After Leak

The social media push for Marvel’s Defenders Netflix series is beginning to ramp up.

After a leaked version of a new teaser hit the internet briefly earlier today, and was shortly follow up by an official version released through Marvel’s various social media counts.

The teaser, along with the accompanying text of the Tweet in which is appears, seem to reveal the release date for the first episode of the show in the time-stamp attached to the security camera video.



The August release date of 8/18 should give the Defenders a high profile as the major summer streaming release for Netflix, which has seen great success from the Marvel shows. The lone exception has been Iron Fist, which drew strong numbers for the first episode. Poor critical reception has hampered the show since, and seen focus shift to the upcoming Defenders team-up series.

The series will see the stars of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up to face The Hand, whose machinations have been threaded throughout the entire Netflix Marvel line-up.


Josh Epstein

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