Noob Review: Hawkeye My Life As A Weapon—Sup Bro?

(w) Matt Fraction (a) David Aja  (a) Javier Pulido  (a) Alan Davis (Illustrator)
(w) Matt Fraction
(a) David Aja
(a) Javier Pulido
(a) Alan Davis (Illustrator)

Guess who was pleasantly surprised by Hawkeye: My Life As a Weapon? That’s right. This girl here. This is my first delve into the Marvel NOW comics. Last year I went headfirst into the New 52 for DC, this time it’s Marvel’s turn! With DC, I at least knew who most of the characters were. I’ve been a Batman fan for a long time; you meet a lot of the DC characters in Batman stuff. But Marvel: I know little to nothing about most characters.

What I knew about Hawkeye before this: He’s in the Avengers movie. He shoots arrows.

Yep. That’s it. Did I know he was funny? No. Did I know he makes his arrows? No. Did I know Hawkeye is sometimes a chick (not Clint but his replacement)? No. Did I know he has super special arrows that do things like blow up things and shoot out nets to capture people. Of course not.

This one was a really good starter for those getting into Marvel. I learned just enough about him and his past without getting overwhelmed. There is also enough I don’t know to keep me intrigued. For example, after reading the first volume, I know that he used to be an Avenger, but I don’t know why that’s past tense. I want to know. I’m very curious about it.

I loved the art. I loved its simplicity. It made it clean and very cool. I loved the story line and how everything was set up. It seemed like a movie. But mostly I loved the humor. Clint has great one-liners, I love the Bro guys in the track suits that keep popping up, I love Kate and how she sticks it to Clint, but mostly I love this scene:


If that were in Japan, the face would be an elephant. Just saying…

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