Noob Review: Death of the Family—He’s back.


I am a Batman fan. When I first started reading Batman (about a year and a half ago) anything would do. I loved it all. But things change, when you read enough of the same time of stuff, you start to get picky. I am now picky about my Batman. I’ve read several of the staples, like The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, etc. But I have to say that Scott Snyder’s Batman has become a staple for me. As far as I know, the Court of the Owls is a new thing that is unique to the New 52 universe. But even from people that are much more well read than I in the comic scene, even though all this is new, it doesn’t really mess with the history of Batman. So people like me as well as seasoned veterans can like it.

In Scott Snyder’s Batman, Bats seems so much more fragile because everyone he cares for is in jeopardy. I know that’s usually the case, but it felt real this time. The villains are worse, Joker is worse, and it’s even scary for the reader to find out what’s going to happen. When I read Death of the Family I was constantly waiting for the straw that was going to break the camel’s back. Even Harley Quinn knows that the Joker isn’t the same, and that he’s too far gone. Harley!? She’s nuts and she knows.

It’s rough to see the spiral that Batman goes through and at the end of this volume, I wondered, How can he go on? I need the next volume. I need to see if he’s going to have an emotional breakdown. I kind of hope he does. He’s been through so much, and I want to see that long lasting effect and see how/if he can come out on top. I also want to see what an emotional roller coster Snyder can inflict on me. Will I have to read the comic upside (like The Court of Owls arc) again to try to get a hang on what’s going through Batman’s head? I don’t know, but I hope so.

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