REVIEW: New Suicide Squad #17

Writer: Tim Seeley Artist: Juan Ferreyra Publisher: DC Comics

This is our first look at what’s to come from Tim Seeley and Juan Ferreyra over the next few issues of New Suicide Squad.  A new creative team offers a fresh start, and many times a jumping off point for new readers.  This book introduces us to a new plot and a few new faces.  Seeley even gives us a look into Belle Reve and how the villains are classified when it comes to taking part in Task Force X.

This begs the question, will there be changes in the lineup?  Is it possible that they’re introducing new characters as part of an unannounced plan within this franchise?  It does allow for a more complex story arc going forward.  A larger cast to choose from allows for more possibilities when sending agents into the field.  It could also cause some confusion amongst new readers.  In this book alone it has made me question why they were mentioned on one page and ignored for the rest of the story.  This disconnect is also present with an intro to the story which has yet to be explained.  These are minor flaws when you look at the issue as a whole.  However, they should be addressed as the story progresses over the next few issues.

Another aspect I would like to be explained is Ferreyra’s depiction of Harley Quinn.  On the cover and in some of the panels she has stitching all over her face and body.  There’s no explanation for this, and it doesn’t add to her appearance.  It makes it difficult to differentiate between her and Cheetah when placed in similar color schemes on the same page.  I found myself doing a double take because I mistook Cheetah for Harley Quinn do to the placement of lines on their face.  Aside from that I have no real issues with the art.  The layout has little quirks here and there that tie characters together even if they’re in different locations of the same scenario.  The use of muted color palettes in this book set the tone in a few key panels.  It creates continuity based on setting.


This is not the strongest issue, but it’s not terrible.  Seeley’s story arc has a plot with a solid base.  If you pair that with Ferreyra’s artwork this book has the potential to be a great asset to the series.  Moving forward it will be interesting to see how Seeley utilizes minor characters.  Anyone wanting to read New Suicide Squad should have no problem jumping in with this issue.  If you are familiar with the DC universe, then you will recognize the major players.  Those new to comics as a whole, still get a small introduction so they’re not completely in the dark about who these people are and their role as part of the Suicide Squad.

Rate: 6.5/10

Lindsey Bass

It has been said that Fraction and Zdarsky's Sex Criminals: Just the Tips was based on my personal life. Harley Quinn is my spirit animal. I'm not sure what all of this actually says about me as a person.

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