New Marvel First and “Count on Marvel” Teasers

marvel-number-one-firstMonday brought us the Marvel First teaser and had fans speculating upon its meaning throughout the day. Comprised of a list of popular characters in the shape of a giant number one, it came with the message “Begin with the best super heroes in comics—Marvel does it FIRST!! HUGE story coming soon to fans, worldwide.” While it’s possible this is simply teasing a “HUGE” omnibus made up of the recent Marvel Now first issues, information regarding such a project was already released months ago and, for that reason, is likely hinting towards something new.

Today brings yet another new teaser to add fuel the rumor-mill fire, as likely outcomes may be presenting themselves. The image’s file name reads “Count on Marvel” with text alongside reading “Count on Marvel to always deliver” and shows fifty-two red tallies ominously symbolizing bloody scratches. The obvious guess is that it could be a jab at DC’s New 52, but for arguments sake let’s give Marvel a little more credit than that.

CountOnMarvelIf we’re to “Count on Marvel to always deliver” could that be suggesting that Marvel is planning to deliver a weekly fifty-two issue series released over the course of one year? With Marvel already successfully shipping several titles more than once a month, and with the popularity of series like DC’s 52 in the past this idea may not be too farfetched.

Deeper still, as FanboysInc’s very own DW pointed out to me, there are exactly fifty-two names present within Monday’s Marvel First teaser to go alongside today’s tallies. Now, if we’re to believe the major characters listed inside the teaser don’t survive the coming Age of Ultron event, could this suggest the rumors of a line-wide continuity reboot may be true? If the majority of the main Marvel universe’s characters actually died in an epic battle against Ultron, they would essentially have to reboot the whole line, right? Marvel has, of course, denied rumors of a line-wide reboot in the past, but it’s not at all unlike them to throw out the occasional red herring.

Then again, for all we know it could just be fifty-two new additions to the Avengers roster. Yay, guessing!

Keep in mind these are mostly just some educated guesses based on the given teasers, but as always Capeless will keep you up-to-date as the facts begin to present themselves.