New Line Seeking to Develop Live-Action ASTRO BOY

Comic book adaptations are all the rage right now, but when it comes to manga, there is no bigger property than Astro Boy.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers division New Line Cinema is in negotiations to begin development of a live-action version of the classic Japanese character. Despite a huge investment in development of a live-action action, shared DC Cinematic Universe, Warner Brothers appears to have the Astro Boy project on the fast track. A screenwriting team of Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore was announced alongside the film itself. The team previously worked on San Andreas for Warners.

No timeline has been set for the Astro Boy film, which would be the first attempt at a live-action version. Previously, animated and CG versions have made their way to screens, with the most recent being the 2009 version from Imagi Animation. That film failed to score big at the box office, raking in a meager $44 million. With the market seemingly in a perfect place for live-action super-heroes, the dynamic boy-turned robot may be set to strike at the perfect time.

Astro Boy was created in 1952 by Japanese creator Osamu Tezuka. Since that time, the character has become one of the most beloved figures in Manga and animation. The series has also been incredibly controversial at times, having been charged with racial insensitivity and raising concerns over being placed in opposition to the US Air Force during Vietnam.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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