New Garbage Pail Kids Comic Series Coming from IDW

The 1980s epidemic that was the Topps trading card series Garbage Pail Kids spawned several successful and not so successful adaptations including merchandise, a cartoon, and a pretty bad movie. Though a film reboot was announced in 2012, we still have yet to see any development on that project. Luckily for all you GPK fans, IDW Publishing has announced they will be publishing a new ongoing comic series featuring several classic ’80s characters such as Adam Bomb, Leaky Lindsay, and New Wave Dave!

The Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were created in 1985 by cartoonist Art Spiegelman along with a group of humorists that formulated the characters as a tongue-in-cheek critique of the current pop culture landscape at the time, specifically surrounding children’s toys. The Kids themselves are modeled after another ’80s phenomenon, the Cabbage Patch Kids (also creators of weird cartoons and creepy movies). In the announcement featured on IDW’s website the Head of Outbound Licensing for Topps, Adam Levine, said, “Having grown up with GPK and sharing my name with the flagship character, I can say it’s no small honor to help shepherd the Garbage Pail Kids into their first ever comic book. It’s going to be a real treat to see our friends at IDW flesh out the world of the Garbage Pail Kids so that after 30 years we can finally find out who all of these weird little guys are.”

The series will feature artwork from both Topp’s “official GPK artists” as well as acclaimed comic artists such as Peter Bagge (Hate) who designed the all-new character Comic-Con Ron featured on IDW’s website.  There is no official date yet on the release of the series.