Netflix Announces Marvel’s Luke Cage Will Be Back For Second Season

In a move that didn’t really surprise anyone, but is still welcome, Netflix announced this past weekend that Marvel’s Luke Cage will be returning for a second season on the streaming service.

The first season, starring Mike Colter as the indestructible and reluctant super-hero, was a buzzy success for Netflix despite some mixed reviews. For the most part, however, critics and audiences responded positively to the super-hero series with its focus on people of color. With its killer soundtrack, exceptional cast, and a setting both rarely seen and welcome, Marvel’s Luke Cage was a fresh kind of series that had frankly been long overdue. Even if it had some bumps in its road from a narrative standpoint, it had more than enough going for it to warrant a second season. And like the other two Marvel/Netflix series that had attained a second season (“Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”) Marvel’s Luke Cage represented a different way to approach super-hero storytelling on the small screen. All of these series tended to eschew gee-whizzery and spectacle for moody, noir-influenced pulpy atmosphere. And rather than embracing season-long arcs with a defining threat at their core, the central conflicts of each of the series have revolved around ones that are personal to the protagonists, driven by internal battles as much as by external foes.

Series show runner Cheo Hodari Coker used Cage’s comic book catchphrase to show his delight at the news:

Before Luke Cage‘s second season will bow on the streaming service, Netflix will debut their next Marvel series, “Iron Fist,” this coming year. Then, all four of the protagonists of each series will unite in the culmination of the first wave in the Marvel/Netflix partnership, the super-team event series “The Defenders.” No date has been set for Luke Cage‘s second season, but it’s believed it will possibly drop after new seasons of both “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones.”

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