Muffins For Muffin

Hawkeye 011-013

In this world there are many kinds of heroes. Sometimes they have superpowers and prevent intergalactic warfare. Sometimes they wear capes and keep our streets and loved ones safe. Sometimes they just have a big heart and can show compassion for your everyday mutt. Lucky here, better known as pizza dog, and I can certainly relate. I’d like to turn your attention to one such here, and no, not my owner Hawkguy.

pizzadogKita Roberts, manager at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark DE, through the good folks at Response-a-Bull, is opening her heart, home, and wallet to a fellow canine compatriot. Muffin is a pup found abandoned and who has suffered terrible chemical burns at the hands of her former abusers. She is in store for a lifetime of medical treatments and will forever bear these scars. Though for all she has been through, Muffin still maintains an affectionate personality and is trusting and loving towards mankind.


To raise awareness, as well as help offset these rising medical costs, Kita is hosting an online bake sale and cookbook auction at her personal blog Pass The Sushi. Not only is she a fangirl and retailer in the comics industry, but she is also an accomplished food blogger and has a mile-long list of mouthwatering recipes being donated from her foodie friends from around the country. You can get a preview of the goodies being offered here! I know we’re heading into swimsuit season; however, this money directly supports both Muffin’s ongoing care and an organization which provides protection and finds homes for other pups that would otherwise be left in abusive situations or put down in overcrowded shelters.

So if your best friend has ever been someone like Krypto the Superdog, if you’ve ever felt comfort from having an Ace the Bat Hound faithfully at your side, or even if you just have a soft spot for that lazy Marmaduke sprawled across your couch: please take a moment to help another four-legged friend live out a safe and happy existence. Bidding will begin at 8am EST on Wednesday July 17 (yes, New Comic Book Day) at; if you’re around the Newark DE area, stop in at Captain Blue Hen and pick up some snacks prepared personally by Kita and other local bakers.

Tracksuit bros with guns might be my problem, but Muffin still has a long road ahead of her and needs her own heroes. So if you have a sweet-tooth and a few dollars to spare she could really use a few more Hawkguys and gals in her life.
~Lucky (aka pizza Dog, aka Arrow)