REVIEW: Morning Glories #43 – Magic Ike

REVIEW: Morning Glories #43 - Magic Ike
Story By: Nick Spencer Art By: Joe Eisma Cover By: Rodin Esquejo Cover Price: $3.50 Image Comics


A tesseract is a geometric shape that exists in four dimensions. As the line is to the square and the square is to the cube, so the cube is to the tesseract. As we don’t exist in the 4th dimension then we cannot visualize a tesseract as a complete object, only ever a part of it at a time. In the latest issue of Morning Glories we have the first mention of a tesseract which, I am going to assume, is linked to the mysterious spinning object in the school basement.

Reading Morning Glories is similar to trying to visualize a tesseract. The characters and locations exist in multiple points in time, sometimes simultaneously, and reading the series month by month is a mental exercise in abstracting events and thinking of them in different combinations. Events are relayed to us out of chronology, and the order in which they happen seems to occur along a different timeline again to the one we’re following. Ike, for example, killed his father several years before meeting him again at the school (if that doesn’t make sense, try and keep in mind the tesseract analogy), and in this issue we get a closer look at Ike, present, past and future.

Ike is one of the most interesting characters in the series. Born into incredible wealth, his debauched lifestyle serves the dual purposes of inevitable self destruction and creating emotional distance. He is clearly not the self-interested sociopath he would like people to believe he is, but what we’re never clear on is if Ike hates himself as much as he wants others to hate him. His relationship with his father, Abraham, and conflicting desires to push him away and become close to him are at the heart of his inner turmoil. This issue leads Ike, and us, through events that further explore this relationship.


It’s almost impossible to write a summary about a single issue of Morning Glories without writing a thesis to explain the quantum physics that twists the plot around itself, and some issues on their own can be baffling, but issue 43’s focus on Ike, and Casey’s campaign for student council president as a framing narrative, makes this a wholly satisfying issue that sets up several pieces for the next narrative arc.

‘Morning Glories #43’ earns 8/10

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