“Mind The Gap #8”

Mind the Gap #8
(w) Jim McCann
(a) Rodin Esquejo
Image Comics


Mind the Gap is an ongoing mystery series by Eisner award winning author Jim McCann. It follows a young woman, Elle Peterssen, who was attacked and left for dead on a New York subway platform. While in the hospital she slips into a coma and her subconscious joins a shared dream-reality known as the Garden. There she is able to communicate with the other unconscious or deceased patients, tap into her own memories, and even possess the bodies of people who have recently crossed over. Trapped inside her own head, she alone holds the clues to her attacker’s true identity. Elle must do everything she can to try and communicate with her friends, family and doctors…at least with those she can still trust.

In issue #8 Elle, now possessing the body of a young teenage girl, is rushed back to the hospital after suffering a severe attack. Her host body is slipping away and it might just take Elle’s spirit with it. Meanwhile both Antoinette (the NYPD Detective) and Dr. Gellar (the good doctor) are reluctantly coming around to to the notion that Elle is able to force herself into the bodies of those recently deceased. Though it stands in the face of every ounce of logic and science there is, there is no other explanation for this strange series of events. As more allies join the fold the question still remains: who is this mysterious “Hoodie” and what plot is our dear heroine caught in the middle of?

So far I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this whodunit comic series. It is a beautiful mixture of classic mystery and science-fiction. The dream reality is played out incredibly well and opens a lot of very interesting and expressive story ideas. I loved some of the visualizations when we are inside Elle’s mind and the backgrounds slowly twist and change along with her train of thought. Rodin Esquejo (Morning Glories) does an absolutely terrific job with the artwork for this book. The almost photo realistic panels feel like they are grabbed straight from a TV series (in a good way). The current issue itself doesn’t stand out in any meaningful way, but at the same time it doesn’t have to. I am happy to just sit through this ride as we delve deeper and deeper into the complex riddle that is Mind the Gap.