Microwave Review: “Sex Criminals #4”

"Sex Criminals #4" (w) Matt Fraction (a) Chip Zdarsky Image Comics $3.99
“Sex Criminals #4”
(w) Matt Fraction
(a) Chip Zdarsky
Image Comics
$3.50 (print)/$2.99 (digital)

NOTE: some SPOILERS for the book follow.

“Sex Criminals #4” shows us more back story on our time-stopping couple. We learn some more about the people who interrupt Suzie and John while in “The Quiet”, and they are not exactly as mystical as they previously seemed. As out hero orgasmers battle their would-be foils, we get more flashbacks to the planning of their bank robberies, and the preparation for them. We also get a glimpse to the one time Suzie used her unique ability to some effect (at least, that’s what she’ll fess up to at this point), getting revenge on someone truly deserving of worse. The issue ends with our heroes down or the count, tased by the people in white (the “Cumworld Police?”).

This issue continues to give us the same great humor found in the first few issues, with Suzie’s narration and fourth-wall-breaking giving readers a special feeling of intimacy with the character. The plot does not progress much upon the cliffhanger from issue #3, but we do get some more quality backstory of our heroes, and a limited but valuable glimpse at our main villain’s as well. Fraction has a great handle on the humor, with subtle touches that makes good jokes work as jokes, and bad jokes work as character building moments (also, in case anyone was as curious as me – Sylvia Poggioli is the senior European correspondent for NPR).

Zdarsky’s art continues to be great, with good character expression, overall details and atmosphere. Zdarsky’s handling of different situations never leaves the reader confused or uncomfortable, even when in scenes that are set in strange situations and places. The reader is immersed in the sroty in large part thanks to the art being so well-tied to it, which is no easy task when the story jumps around as much as it does in Sex Criminals.

“Sex Criminals #4” moves us only slightly forward with its plot, but gives us some more great character moments, as well as valuable information on our “villains”. While it is mildly frustrating that the “now” plot is very slow-going, Sex Criminals gives us much more good (and great) than bad.

Verdict: 8.8/10


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