TPB Review: “Fables Volume 2” Trouble on the Farm

TPB Review: "Fables Volume 2" Trouble on the Farm

Writer: Bill Willingham

Artist: Mark Buckinham

Publisher: Vertigo Comics


Fables: Animal Farm is the second trade installment of the fabulous fairy tale world of Fables. All of the characters we know from our childhood like Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf are now living in our “mundie” world. They had to leave their homelands to escape The Adversary who took their lands from them by brute force. The fables are split into two main groups: the human-type and the animal-type. The human-type live amongst humans, and the animal-type are segregated to an upstate farm where they will not be discovered. Of course, this causes descent from characters like the Three Little Pigs and Shere Khan. That’s what volume two is about.


Because of previous transgressions, Rose Red and Snow White are heading upstate for a visit and to hopefully bond. When they get there they find that something is amiss in The Farm. From there it gets slightly gruesome, with brutal murder and some talk of beastality. (Ew!) But it’s the dark moments that make this sugar-coated world so cool. Where else could you see Goldilocks as the face of a revolution? Nowhere.


It’s a good series so far. Really good. I love all the characters and how despite being fantastical they are still real. If I were a pig that could talk I wouldn’t want to be segregated to a farm without contact to the outside world. I would rebel. Goldilocks was an ass-hat, and I wanted to punch her for her smugness but still liked what she brought to the story.

“Fables Volume 2” earnsĀ  9 / 10