The independent comic book market is a tough place for even the best of books, as fans of Mercenary Sea just discovered.

In an announcement on Facebook this morning, the creative team behind Mercenary Sea declared that the book would not be returning to shelves, citing delays and low sales.

“…As we published our 8th issue last December, we were dealing with production delays and sales had declined to the point we were on the brink. Image gave us a chane of continuing if we could put together enough issues for a new trade volume – which I had hopes would be out this year. That window has passed, and now I think we can officially say this ride has come to an end.”

After a first-issue debut which saw the series sell over 10,000 copies, (no small feat for a pirate book in the 21st century), sales on Mercenary Sea declined every month, falling below 5000 last July. Fan support for the title was strong, but not strong enough to keep the book afloat. This is a sad example of a high-quality book which just couldn’t keep early momentum going long enough to hit critical mass.

Josh Epstein

Josh Epstein is the Publisher for the Capeless Crusader website. He’s a lifelong comic nerd, and “Superman” is the first word he ever read aloud. He is also an actor, singer, and resident of a real-world Smallville.

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