Matt Fraction, Real Life Hero

Matt Fraction has had a big month. His name has graced the cover of three Marvel titles simultaneously on your New Release shelf with the debut of FF, Fantastic Four, and the breakaway relaunch of Hawkeye. His take on a more humanized version of earth’s mightiest marksman, away from the super powers of his Avengers affiliation, has been almost impossible to keep on shelves. Early issues are already in their third printing with special variant covers being run; needless to say it has been (and by all signs shall continue to be) a very successful windfall for him.

That is, except for issue #7.

“Hawkeye #7” will be a special feature of Clint and his protege Kate surviving Hurricane Sandy. With the storm’s devastation still very fresh and real to many families in the mid-Atlantic region, this is by no means meant to be an exploitative tale. In an interview with MTV Geek Fraction he stated: “So many regular people did so much good, it felt like Hawkeye is an appropriate place to tell a Sandy story.”

Not only will this tale be grounded in real recent events, but Fraction will be donating his personal portion of the proceeds of “Hawkeye #7” to doing some real good. He has stated that his royalties and incentives shall be used in aiding victims of the hurricane. The book is set to hit shelves January 16, 2013 and has displaced the initially scheduled issue (slotted to introduce a new villain) to bring this relief in a timely fashion.

We can’t applaud enough using comics to make a real and measurable social change and would love to make Fraction an honorary Capeless Crusader.