Marvel’s ResurrXion To Introduce A New Team of Secret Warriors

In case anyone out there hasn’t gotten their fill over the last decade of seeing heroes fight other heroes instead of their archenemies, this December sees Marvel Comics launch their “IvX” miniseries. “IvX” will see the year-long hostility between the X-Men and the Inhumans finally boil over, resorting in a line-wide relaunch of affected books under the banner “ResurrXion.”

Secret Warriors #1 Written By Matthew Rosenberg Art by Javier Garron Marvel Comics
Secret Warriors #1
Written By Matthew Rosenberg
Art by Javier Garron
Marvel Comics

Today, CBR reports that one of the new titles to spin out of “ResurrXion” will be a new iteration of Secret Warriors under writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Javier Garron. The team will feature a collection of some of Marvel’s best known, and most popular, Inhuman characters, including Quake, Ms. Marvel, Karnak and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. With the widespread leak that “IvX” will conclude with the majority of the Inhumans leaving Earth, Secret Warriors looks set to follow the secret adventures of a team of Inhumans who remain behind.

In the CBR interview, Rosenberg states:

This is sort of Quake’s team, there is a bigger fight than they can fully see or be a part of, it’s clandestine and full of intrigue. It’s high stakes, who do you trust, behind the curtain stuff.

Two of the most popular and unconventional characters Marvel’s created in recent years are Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl, and Rosenberg recognizes both their challenges and their value:

We are seeing Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl in a new situation for them. Both of them are big personalities and what is happening to them, what they have to do, they are going to do on their terms. Ms. Marvel and Quake are really fighting for the soul of the team in a lot of ways, while Moon Girl will continue to really do her own thing. They will all be tested and challenged, they are superheroes after all, but they are going to do things their way. So what you may see is some conflict and friction on the team, some inner turmoil as they struggle with how to get certain things done, but it will very much be the Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl fans love.

As for Garron, Rosenberg has nothing but raves for his talent:

He has such a great style, so full of energy and fun. I love how expressive his characters are, how good the acting is. It gives me as a writer a real shot at making the characters connect with the readers. We need you to like the Secret Warriors and care about them. It’s much easier to ask that of the reader when someone like Javier is bringing them to life.

What remains to be seen is if this series will finally succeed in making the large part of the Marvel readership and fandom get behind the Inhumans. Despite being an obvious priority for both the comics line and Marvel studios, they have yet to really catch on. Despite successes in with the Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Karnak books, and despite being the focus of much of  ABC’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” TV series, I’d be hard-pressed to admit that the Inhumans have become a hot property.  Recently, their long-gestating feature film from Marvel Studios was pulled off its schedule, only to reappear as a planned TV series; a demotion any way you slice it.

Though they seem to work well as a supporting team of characters, when pushed into the spotlight they are simultaneously too weird, too nondescript and too similar to other more effective franchises, notably the X-Men, to stand out. Even with series starring Inhumans being among Marvel’s most critically acclaimed and exciting books, those titles tend be to focused on individuals rather than the central Inhuman Royal Family concept and storyline, which forms the heart of their franchise. In other words, Ms. Marvel arguably works despite her being an Inhuman, not because of it.

Maybe, with a tight focus on a small group of characters, Secret Warriors will change that once it debuts in Spring, 2017.

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