Marvel Sends Three “NOW!” Titles to Second Print

Marvel Comics is on quite a roll.

Many new comic book series falter in the early going as they struggle to find an audience. While this is the case more often than not, Marvel has seen a string of it’s “Marvel NOW!” titles launch to great success. The first issue of the breakout Ms. Marvel has gone to seven printings, and now Marvel has announced that three more titles are headed back to press.

Unsurprisingly, the first issue of Jason Aaron‘s Thor did very strong sales. The major marketing push which Marvel put behind the launch, as well as the fan-generated buzz surrounding the female-centric title drove it a #3 spot on the Diamond sales charts for the month of October. In fact, the fantastical adventures of the new hammer-wielder fell behind only the 100-pound gorilla that is The Walking Dead and the conclusion to Marvel’s own Death of Wolverine.

The second issue of Thor is among three titles that Marvel is sending back to press for second printings. Coming along are new entries All-New Captain America #1 and Superior Iron Man #1. Final numbers for those titles won’t be available to journalists for a couple more weeks, but Marvel is obviously satisfied enough with the orders from Diamond to think that the rookie titles merit re-releases.

With the new Thor title obviously having strong legs, it will be interesting to see whether or not Marvel does as many fans expect, and hands the title back to the Odinson at some point in the near future. It’s been a long time since Thor was a top-10 titles, and if it can manage to stay in that lofty company for a few more issues, Marvel will be hard-pressed to keep the title as-is.

Obviously there is the standard first-issue bump to consider, so all three titles will merit watching in future months.

All three new printings are scheduled for release the day before Christmas, so now you know what to get for stocking-stuffers.
Thor_2_Second_Printing Superior_Iron_Man_1_Second_Printing All-New_Captain_America_1_Second_Printing_Variant

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