Who is ‘Dead No More’?

DEAD_NO_MOREEarlier this week, Marvel unveiled a mysterious advert simply reading ‘DEAD NO MORE’ in white capital letters against a black background. Fans with knowledge of the publishers’ currently deceased characters will be quick to suggest that this hints at the return of Wolverine, who has been dead since the events of 2014’s Death of Wolverine. Given the popularity of the character, and Marvel’s tendency to bring back characters fairly quickly, this does seem like the most likely option. 

While the return of Wolverine seems the most likely candidate, and a resurrection certainly worthy of a certain amount of secrecy, he is not the only character currently deceased in Marvel’s comic book universe. Professor X, Namor, Gwen Stacy, Jean Grey, Captain Marvel, Nova, and Uatu the Watcher, are all dead in at least one of the current ongoing timelines.

Not all of these characters seem as worthy of a tease like the one Marvel has released, but you never know for sure until they unveil the new series. It might be the return of one of these characters, or it might be something else entirely. Hopefully we will find out for sure soon.

Kristian Solberg

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