Marvel Basks in that Captain America Glow!

He must be shielding himself from all the falling money. Pun intended…

My inaugural post for Capeless Crusader gives me an opportunity talk about what really gets me going these days. Marvel movies. I have always been a nerd at heart with a particular soft spot for Batman. However, when the internet came into my life along with movies news sites, my attention went to the regular scoops that one could find on sites like  Soon enough (2006) when the announcement of a shared universe of movies came about, most seemed focused on the perceived riskiness, but ultimately, the decision has turned out to be a master-stroke. Doubt that? Remember when Marvel went broke in 1996, and then remember when Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion dollars?  Avi Arad and Kevin Feige were the progenitors of this endeavor and now we come to the news today to see continued success in action.

It was Marvel who first started their summer slate beginning with Iron Man on May 2, 2008. They blew the doors off the record books for that release and are continuing to push the envelope in other non-traditional movie months. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has now had the biggest opening for a movie in April.

An astounding $96 million per estimates has caused a shudder through the movie industry (I think). This comes on the heels of a spectacular opening ($85,737,841) for Thor: The Dark World in non-traditional blockbuster month of November. Thor scored in a box office month that had been dominated by characters named Harry, Bella, or Bond, James Bond. Marvel has capitalized on the starving public who don’t want to wait for the warmest months to go and see their favorite Avengers (or superhero characters for that matter?).

Note too that Cap opened huge overseas, which further suggests that strength of this character who is resonating with audiences around the world despite being called ‘Captain America’.  Marvel is planning on bringing back the Russo brothers for part 3 of Cap’s story, which would lead one to believe that they are very enamored with their style and the resultant success.  Marvel appears so pleased with the success of this movie that they officially announcing through their website that Captain America 3 will be opening on May 6, 2016.

This news unofficially squeezed out a few weeks back and caught Chris Evans by surprise but he and the other Marvelites have proven to be unfazed by the idea of facing off against what could be one of the biggest movie projects in the history of cinema: Batman vs Superman.

Marvel appears to be planting a flag where DC has only dipped a toe in.

Do you think that the “Avengers bump” still applies?

Did you see Cap, if so, what did you think?

What do you think about Cap vs DC?