Marvel Announces Creative Team for VOTE LOKI

VOTELOKI_Cov_variantEarlier this month, Marvel Comics teased the June release of a politically-themed story centered around Loki, longtime Avengers nemesis and Norse god of mischief, entitled Vote Loki.

Today at C2E2, the publisher announced that the creative team behind the book will be comprised of writer Chris Hastings and artist Langdon Foss. Hastings began working with Marvel in 2011 as the writer on Deadpool: Fear Itself. Foss is a quickly rising talent in the comic book art world, having worked with Marvel on Gwenpool and The Winter Soldier.

Vote Loki is intended to be a work of political satire dealing with the 2016 Presidential contest. Hastings told CBR earlier today that the series “will not be having any of the real world candidates involved”, something which will come as somewhat of a disappointment to fans who were expecting to see Loki smack down the haircuts of Donald Drumpf or Bernie Sanders. He did clarify that the series will not shy away from satirizing the real world election though, saying that “political satire is exactly what we’re going for! The bright world of superheroes allows for blowing out certain things we want to say about the political process that should be a lot of fun.”

Vote Loki will hit comic book shops in June.


Josh Epstein

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