MARKET MAVEN: Batman Versus “Red Batman” and the Undead



Welcome back to Market Maven, where we offer up predictions on how various publishers should perform, given past success and the lineups each is putting in stores. You may disagree strongly. Honestly, we hope you do.

Now, to the big board!




Odds are that this week will be a walk-off win for Marvel. With a line-up sporting four new #1 in Peter Milligan’s All-New Doop, Michael Fiffe’s All-New Ultimates, Kaare Andrews’s Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, and Chris Claremont’s Nightcrawler (with obligatory Wolverine appearance), the speculator market alone should help the House of Ideas to bury the competition. Coming off the bench are second installments of Captain Marvel (March Top 50), All-New Ghost Rider, Secret Avengers, all of which made the Top 50 for the month of March, and Mark Waid’s Daredevil, all of which should show strongly. Daredevil, in particular, will be worth watching to see if it can maintain its impressive performance from March, when the first issued delivered distributor-level sales of 76,006.

In contrast, DC is rolling out a trade-heavy collection of books this week, with the only heavy hitters on the roster being Superman/Wonder Woman, a top 50 title, and the first issue of Batman: Eternal, which will likely do powerful numbers because it has Batman, the perennial chart topper himself.

No contest. Marvel is going to kill in sales this week.


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In terms of sheer volume, IDW is looking to score big this week, with over a dozen new titles on shelves. In comparison, Image, Dynamite, and Dark Horse have a combined eighteen books coming out. The title which will skew these numbers immensely, as it is prone to do, is The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman’s crossover hit is a sales monolith, consistently delivering over 64,000 in unit sales at a distributor level, something which is usually good for a top-10 finish. In fact, the only title coming out this week which is likely to present any challenge to the undead behemoth is Batman: Eternal from DC because when in doubt put a bat on it.


For a second week straight, we’ll call the contest for Marvel. If not for the presence of the Dark Knight, DC would likely get beat out by the smaller publishers as well, but Batman is always good for a strong performance in sales. Whether the sales of this new weekly title hold up on a week-to-week basis will be an interesting trend to monitor, so be sure to stop back here next week!



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