mara01_COVERWe all know what to do when we inevitably get bitten by a radioactive spider; you fashion yourself a lycra costume to hide your secret identity and use your great power responsibly, right?

Well what happens if you discover your powers, in public, and the whole world happens to be watching? You have no anonymity, no privacy, not even a moment to process what you can do or who you have become. Will you still want to fight for the betterment of your fellow man if you are turned on by your co-workers, disavowed by your friends or isolated by your government? The hero’s journey is oft not of the hero’s own choosing and is most certainly filled with sacrifice. However, when faced with personal struggles that have big picture consequences, would you fight for a world that has turned its back on you, or would you remove yourself from it?

When your value to society defines your identity, rather than adding to it, it is required then that you define yourself. Brian Wood deftly weaves the tale of Mara, an international athlete and spokesmodel, who has to face just that challenge. Mara, a 6-issue trade, follows her emotional journey, penned with well-developed characterization, as she resigns herself to a world of change within a uniquely painted future. The book warrants an introspective look at the nature of truth, loyalty, patriotism, personal liberty, and just where you might draw your line in the sand if any of those are questioned or revoked.

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