Lego Marvel Universe

The Lego video game franchise has been very successful over the past few years, and now the Marvel Universe is getting the Lego treatment with Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

For those of you who have never played a Lego game, it’s a humorous, family-friendly, platformer/adventure/puzzle title with each game set in a different universe, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even Batman. As often is the case, the object of the game is to go through a level collecting studs/gold bricks, deconstructing/reconstructing lego blocks to form objects that help you complete the level, and squaring off against villains.

The game, which will feature over 100 Marvel characters, is set to be released this fall and will include favorites such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Loki, and Galactus. Each character will have a set of character abilities that will be needed to complete epic battles and solve puzzles to progress further in the game.

If you’re a fan of the Lego games, you know what to expect from the series for the most part, but what cool new features would you like to see in the game and, with a roster of over 100 characters, who are you looking forward to seeing? What are some story arcs would you like to see? I, for one, would love to see Moon Knight and The Infinity Gauntlet/War/Crusade (I know that might be hard to do, but it’d be cool).



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