Legion of Superheroes Creative Shake Up


Bleeding Cool was first to report the rumor that artist Keith Giffen would be leaving the Legion of Superheroes book after helming the art duties for two issues. The rumor further stipulates that Giffen will not leave any other DC book, such as Giffen’s writing duties for the Masters of the Universe ongoing title.

DC’s solicitations for Legion of Superheroes lists issue #17 of the title as the reunion of the “legendary Legion team of Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen.” Giffen is listed as the artist for issues #18 and #19, although the rumor is that Giffen will depart after issue #18.

DC Comics has not returned any requests for responses about the departure. This lack of communication was spotlighted here at Capeless by Josh Epstein.

So who from the professional side of the comic book community has responded? Taking a look at creators who have departed DC before, Rob Liefeld RT’d the Bleeding Cool article with the comment “does this shock anyone at this point?” Jonathan Hickman, noted writer of current Marvel books and several Image comics, commented that if the story is true then “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

Legion fans: what do you think of the rumor?