Kirkman Promises OUTCAST Volume 3 Will Bring Answers

Questions are to be answered. At least that’s what creator Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible) has promised for the upcoming issue of his new series, Outcast.

With twelve issues under his belt, and two trade collections already on shelves, Kirkman stated in a press release today that he would be following the same model he used in The Walking Dead and Invincible in charting the future course for Outcast.

The first year or so of The Walking Dead and Invincible were spent building characters and the world around them before things really ramped up. Outcast is no different,” said Kirkman. “So far this series has set up a mythology that has a lot of mystery and intrigue. Well, now it’s time for answers! Starting with issue 13, we’re going to finally start peeling back the layers and show you more of what’s going on with Kyle Barnes, why these demons appear to be attracted to him and what it really means to be an Outcast.”

Outcast has sold well through its initial run. With a TV adaptation announced before the first issue even hit shelves, a solid readership of fans and speculators has developed around the mystical title, which averages over 42,000 copies sold per issue. The forthcoming issue is scheduled to hit comic book shop shelves in the last week of November. With the first twelve issues having already been collected, new readers will be able to get completely caught up on the series in advance of picking up the latest issue, which should help to boost sales in comic shops.

Are you keeping up with Outcast? If so, what are you expecting? Let us know in the comments!


Josh Epstein

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