Kelly Sue DeConnick Hints at Which Comics Projects MFM Is Developing for TV

When the news broke today that Sex Criminals is headed for television with universal TV, it included the note that other properties were in the works from the Matt Fraction/Kelly Sue Deconnick-owned Milkfed Criminal Masterminds entertainment company.

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When asked what other properties were on the way, DeConnick was sure to deflect, as there are certainly rights issues and long processes ahead for any prospective TV deal.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.21.22 PMIn a tumblr post, DeConnick did, however, hint at which properties would be among the first to follow Sex Criminals in noting that the company had asked Deadline for a correction to their original piece in adding Chip Zdarsky, Chad Ward, Howard Chaykin, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Emma Rios and Valentine De Landro to the announcement as co-creators.

While Zdarsky is, of course, the artistic half of the Sex Criminals team. But who are the others on this list and what do their names mean for the possible slate?

Chad Ward



Ward and Fraction worked together on Ody-C, a science fiction feminist take on Homer’s Odyssey.

Howard Chaykin


Chaykin and Fraction worked together on Satellite Sam, a noir mystery piece set around the 1950s New York TV industry.

Fabio Moon and Gabrial Ba


Moon and Ba worked with Fraction on Casanova, a classic spy yarn which recently launched a follow-up series.

Emma Rios


Rios is the artist who worked with Kelly Sue on Pretty Deadly, a poetic western project that the two had been developing for years before it found a home at Image.

Valentine De Landro


De Landro is the artist on Bitch Planet, the controversial breakout hit from DeConnick which is a radical feminist science fiction tale in the vein of 70’s “blacksploitation” films.

While this is by no means a guarantee that all or any of these series will be making their small-screen debuts any time soon, DeConnick’s insistence on the inclusion of these particular creators means that these projects are definitely being eyed.

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