Comic Book Movie News: Justin Marks Adapts Vertigo Comic ‘Federal Bureau Of Physics’ Into Movie



According to Deadline, Justin Marks has been tapped to adapt Vertigo Comics’ Federal Bureau of Physics (FBP) with producer David Goyer, based on a treatment by Simon Oliver, who created the comic with Robbi Rodriguez.

FBP imagines a world where disturbances in the laws of physics are as common as weather. A government agency, the FBP, is created to help deal with these disturbances with a focus on special agent Adam Hardy.

As for the reported production, Goyer and Marks previously teamed at Warners with the latter adapting the unproduced DC Comics property Green Arrow: Escape From Supermax.

Marks has been a writer in demand as he has worked with Jon Favreau on Disney’s Jungle Book, a military action thriller for Jerry Bruckheimer, adapted the DC project Suicide Squad, and wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo, according to the report from Deadline.

Do you know much about this property? What do you think of the prospects of it actually making it to the screen?

Do you think it is too similar to the already failed R.I.P.D. movie franchise?