Jim Lee will join SUICIDE SQUAD post DC’s Rebirth

Jim Lee and Scott Williams’ cover art for Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad’s April one shot.

Following DC’s announcement that they would relaunch much of their comic line after the event Rebirth in June, speculation began as to what sort of creative teams the publisher would put together for their books. There has been a persistent rumor that former Batman scribe Scott Snyder would shift to Detective Comics, however DC has now confirmed a move that will raise some eyebrows. Legendary artist and current DC co-publisher Jim Lee will be part of a rotating team of artists for Suicide Squad.

It has not been revealed what other artists will be part of the Suicide Squad roster, nor has it been confirmed with what frequency we can expect to see Lee’s artwork in the comic. However, as the series is set to have a fortnightly release following its relaunch, it is likely Lee will be a monthly contributor.

The inclusion of Jim Lee on the relaunched book is likely in an effort by DC to capitalize on any momentum the series gets following the groups cinematic debut on¬†August 7th. However, this will not be Lee’s first time working with members of the squad. He previously drew a page of Harley Quinn in the debut issue for Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti‘s ongoing series, and is set to return to the character in Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad April Fool’s special in April.

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