Jeff Lemire Adds Flair to “Wild’s End #2”

"Wilds End #2" Jeff Lemire variant cover
“Wilds End #2”
Jeff Lemire variant cover

Jeff Lemire loves his weird creatures.

Wild’s End is a daring new title from superstar creator Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Legion of Super-Heroes) which features anthropomorphized British animals attempting to solve the riddle of a mysterious meteor crash and their missing foxy friend.

Fans are already buzzing about the title after its debut, and publisher BOOM! Studios is looking to dial it up even further (not that these turn-of-the-century critters would understand that reference) with a variant cover for the second issue by creator Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Animal Man).

Lemire has rapidly ascended to the heights of comicdom, having been handed the keys to some of DC’s biggest guns and having recently been announced as the lead on a new series from resurgent Valiant Comics, The Valiant.

Fans of his distinctive art style are sure to dig the variant, and the fact that it comes wrapped around a pretty stellar all-ages title doesn’t hurt in the least.



Response to the debut of Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard’s Wild’s End has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’re excited to share this news: We’ve just added a second cover to “Wild’s End #2″ and it’s illustrated by none other than Jeff Lemire (Underwater Welder, Sweet Tooth)! The final order cutoff date for this issue is Monday, Sept. 22nd (comic shop owners have until that day to order copies, so fans should let them know ASAP!), and it goes on sale in comic shops on Oct. 15. Retailers can order it in any quantity (cover price of $3.99) using Diamond Order Code AUG148027. The main cover of this issue is illustrated by series artist I.N.J. Culbard.

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