Jared Leto Confirms He’s Sticking with the DCEU’s Joker

Jared Leto isn’t going anywhere any time soon according to a recent interview.

While many questions have come up about Jared Leto‘s future as the Joker, he says it’s a smoke screen. During a recent interview in Australia, Leto cleared it up. He says that all the hype around the new alternate universe Joker movie, which we covered here, is overblown.

In the interview, he praised Margot Robbie and the work they did on Suicide Squad. This is in stark contrast to his reported comments after the release of that film, which he criticized for cutting him out. However, now he says that he’s proud to be a part of it. The day after the origin movie was announced, a Joker/Harley movie starring Robbie and Leto was also announced.

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