Is Miles Morales Calling It Quits?

Teaser materials have come out for the coming issue of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man. The image (pictured below) is an homage to a classic Spider-Man story that saw Peter Parker hang up his webbed duds.

Speculation is rampant as to whether Miles Morales might be doing the same. It is highly doubtful, especially when you consider the talks of there being a Spider-men sequel, but that’s what the promo for “Ultimate Spider-Man #23” would have you believe. There is something, however, that will shake the character to his very core and make him want to call it quits. It’s something that we’ve seen Peter Parker go through in the 616 universe many times.

Promo for “Ultimate Spider-Man #23 “(left), Interior art for “Amazing Spider-Man #50” (right)

According to Marvel, “The story behind this image will leave readers in tears! What could possibly drive Miles Morales to abandon his role as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man? Find out this May, in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23!”

Are we going to see a watershed moment for Miles Morales in issue #23 like we did for Peter Parker in “Amazing Spider-Man #50?” Is this story just going to rehash the classic “Spider-Man No More” story for a new generation? Or will this be more of a tribute to the classic tale? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure: this will be something you want to pick up if you’re an Ultimate Spider-Man fan.


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