Invincible Movie? Chasing Up Rumours!

It’s March 2005 and Variety posts the news that Paramount Pictures have purchased the rights to make an Invincible movie, a tale of the son of an all-powerful superhero who grows up to forge his own path in his super-hero career.

Penned by Robert Kirkman of the now world-famous Walking Dead series, the cult super-hero comic garnered a lot of attention as Kirkman himself was pegged to write the script, giving the promised title an aura of authenticity few super-hero movies could claim at that time.

There’s more in this mind than the undead!

So what happened? Nine years later and no news on the horizon! With Kirkman’s successful foray in both television and videogames with The Walking Dead and the major achievement of superhero/comic related movies at the box office, the soil seems ripe for this series to hit the big screen.

Issue #111 drops tomorrow and with the bombshell controversy that issue #110 brought (no spoilers!) the idea of a film that could harness both Kirkman’s winking face behind the writing as well as the boundary pushing events the series is known for get us nothing but excited here at CC!

Could cinema handle the bold shocks that Invincible brings?

What do you think? Would exploring the less-zombie infested aspects of Robert’s brain through some different media be a refreshing take on the population of superheros currently residing in cinemas?

Regardless, if we hear anything we’ll let you know, and for the rest of your comic-news needs keep your eyes on the Capeless Crusader!

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