“Invincible #111″ Sells Out

The controversial and shocking 110th installment of the eleven-year running Invincible series has seen a rise in issue sales. Issue #111 sold out across stores and is off for its second reprint.

Back in January it was announced at the Image expo that Kirkman would be re-taking a more direct role in the production of story with the series he originally created. Fans felt that influence when the last issue ended with a shocking final few pages. Regardless of controversy the event clearly struck a chord with readers as this is the largest spike in the series sale in recent history.

It will be interesting to now see if the popularity of Invincible is re-established as Kirkman steers story more directly and continues to make news.


In a genre full of lackluster events and temporary deaths, Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley’s Invincible is a super-hero comic where change is genuine, not just a stunt. The one hundred and eleventh issue of the hit series delivered plenty of heart-stopping action and plot twists, including the departure of a major character and challenges unlike any Mark Grayson has faced thus far, challenges that will have a drastic effect on the future of Invincible’s career as a superhero. The events of the issue sent readers into a frenzy and sparked an immediate sell-out, but Image Comics has announced “Invincible #111″ will be rushed to a one-time second printing to meet customer demand.

First launched in 2003, Invincible is the longest-running and most successful modern superhero comic in publication, consistently delivering real thrills that simply can’t be matched by other titles. “Invincible #111″ is the opening shot of a new era, as announced at Image Expo: though he writes both titles, Robert Kirkman has traditionally treated Invincible and The Walking Dead differently. Now, The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman is behind the wheel of Invincible, and the difference has already struck a chord with fans and retailers.

“For anyone who has read comics as long as I have, you know there’s not a lot of real change in the average super-hero comic,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Characters are killed off as huge publicity stunts, only to return issues later; supposedly major changes are swept under the carpet from one event to the next, and worse, since there’s never any stability in terms of creative teams, directions often change abruptly and leave readers with a myriad of unanswered questions. The vast majority of superhero comics are only concerned with creating the illusion of change, but over the course of its 11-year run, Invincible has given readers change they can believe in, again and again. Characters change and grow; they die—and “Invincible #111″ is one of the best examples yet of how uncompromising Robert Kirkman can be when it comes to shaking things up. This is superhero action you can’t get anywhere else.”

Despite its consistency and creativity, Invincible remains under-ordered within the Direct Market. “Invincible #111″‘s bold new direction provides a perfect opportunity for new readers to discover the series and for current fans to double down on their enthusiasm.

“Invincible #111″  has completely sold out at the distributor level, but may still be available in comic stores. It is currently available digitally on the Image Comics website (imagecomics.com) and the official Image Comics iOS app, as well as on Comixology on the web (comixology.com), iOS, Android, and Google Play.

This spike is unexpected too as our review of issue #111 saw it as a shadow of the comics former-self – ending up with a 5/10 (you can read that here)


Josh Epstein

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