Image Comics Announces ROMULUS from Bryan Hill and Nelson Blake


Today at Image Expo in Seattle, Image Comics announced a new series from writer Bryan Hill and artist Nelson Blake, entitled Romulus.

The book follows an assassin named Ashlar, who was trained from birth to be an assassin, but has a change of heart in first issue and decides she wants to take down organization. Hill described the story as “face melting action adventure story with a female protagonist”, which will discuss some esoteric historical concepts and dark parts of history as well as the fictional narrative.

the story itself is not just about gender and identity, but has full scope and intensity as a story in and of itself. One of his objectives is to take the spectacle of DC and Marvel titles and blend it with the “personal nature” of Image Comics. The intent is to create a “really big universe”, which suggests that Romulus may serve as the launching point for his own franchise. The series will be released through Top Cow, which has previously developed a family of books spinning out of its popular Witchblade series, such as The Darkness and Artifacts.

Hill himself is very interested in history, as he used to be a teacher and introduced comics into his classroom as a learning aid.

When asked about the structure of the series and whether it was an ongoing, Hill said that there will be four-issue arcs starting in fall/winter of 2016.



ROMULUS by Bryan Hill & Nelson Blake II (Top Cow Productions)

Fan-favorite writer Bryan Hill (POSTAL) and Nelson Blake II come together for an all-new Image/Top Cow series in ROMULUS.

Set in the near future, ROMULUS follows the last in a line of near-mystical martial artists wages a revolutionary war against The Order of Romulus, the ancient secret society that trained her—a global organization, hidden in plain sight, that’s controlled the world since the days of Ancient Rome.  

Their plan? Cull the population with genocide and rule a New World Order. Her plan? Kill them all or die angry. 

Romulus launches from Top Cow/Image in Fall 2016.

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