Image Comics Announces ROCKSTARS From Harris and Hutchison

Today at Image Expo, Image Comics announced a new series from writer Joe Harris and artist Megan Hutchison, entitled Rockstars.

The series is being pitched as a rock and roll thriller starring a rock nerd who has “supernatural connections.” Harris described the series as “Almost Famous meets Supernatural” at the press conference at Seattle’s Showbox music theater.

Each story arc will feature a case from a different era of rock and roll, with the first arc set in the rock heyday of the 1970s. While the bands dealt with will be fictional, larger themes will be handled, specifically familial themes.

Lead character Jackie will be investigating the cases, with lots of references to music history peppered throughout the book. Harris told press that he’s “not sure if Skynard’s guitars will show up but we’ll definitely reference them.”
Harris, who also writes the X-Files series, described his experience on the book as “Breathtaking, but had some highs and lows.”
Harris has a history with rock and roll, being a former guitar player along with other instruments. He originally wanted to be a musician, and Rockstars will draw from that deep connection he has with music. The series certainly seems like a passion project for the veteran writer.
In regards to Megan Hutchison’s art, Harris described it as “crazy, sexy cool. A little goth-like, very rock and roll.”

Alex Smith

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