Image Announces New Titles from Brubaker & Phillips, DeConnick, Fraction, Remender, Willingham, Gillen, Snyder & Jock, Spencer

Image Expo has brought forth a flood of announcements for new titles for 2014, with many of the comic book industry’s biggest names attached. Here are some of the most intriguing and exciting previews image has released:

Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

The team that brought you Fatale and Criminal is back for another series in their specialty genre. This time, they bring us a noir tale set in Hollywood of the 1940s, focusing on the mysterious death of an up-and-coming starlet. Brubaker has called this new series, titled The Fade Out, his “ultimate noir story.” The series’s first issue is expected to come out in the summer of 2014. This book is the first project that is part of Brubaker’s and Phillips’s new five-year deal with Image, which, according to the publisher, will give the creators “complete freedom, creative control, and ownership.”
Brubaker and Phillips - The Fade Out

Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro

Creator of hit series Pretty Deadly Kelly Sue DeConnick is teaming up with artist Valentine De Landro for the new series Bitch Planet. Described as a campy, kick-ass adventure by Image, Bitch Planet will focus on five female inmates attempting a prison break.

Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro - Bitch Planet


Matt Fraction, Fábio Moon, & Gabriel Bá

This talented trio will be teaming up with Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon to bring about volume 4 of the Casanova series. This volume, entitled Acedia, will serve as a good jumping point for new readers according to Fraction, due to the nature of the plot: in this new volume protagonist Casanova Quinn finds himself stuck in our reality’s Los Angeles, without any memory of his past adventures.

Fraction, Moon and Ba - Casanova Vol. 4 - Acedia


Bill Willingham & Barry Kitson

Bill Willingham, creator of Fables, will be teaming up with artist Barry Kitson to create the new series Restoration. The book will tell the story of a world where the gods and monsters of legend and lore, forgotten for millennia and now thought of as merely fictional, are released from their captivity, thus bringing magic rushing back into the world.


Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham

Not much is known about Morrison’s and Burnham’s new project, but image did release the title Nameless (according to my understanding that is the name, as opposed to the project having no name at this time) and a teaser image for fans to scrutinize (below).

Morrison & Burnham - Nameless


Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

Writer Kieron Gillen (Iron Man, Young Avengers) will team up with artist Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram, Young Avengers) to create the new series The Wicked and the Devine. The series will tell the story of twelve gods reincarnated in order to perform super-hero-style miracles and bask in celebrity-like glory. But for the first time, a thirteenth god may appear and tip the delicate balance of things.

Gillen & McKelvie - The Wicked and the Divine


Scott Snyder & Jock

Writer Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire) teams up with artist Jock (Batman, Wolverine) to create the new horror series Wytches. The series will aim to show readers a more creepy, scary version of the mythology of witches than those that have come in most works of fiction. When describing his plans for the book, Snyder stated, “I like taking classic monsters and reimagining them in a fresh, contemporary, and much scarier way.”

Snyder & Jock - Wytches


Nick Spencer & Butch Guice, Nick Spencer & Frazer Irving, Nik Spencer & Morgan Jeske

Morning Glories creator Nick Spencer will be creating three new series for Image, collaborating with three different artists.

The first new series will be titled Paradigms, and will feature art by Butch Guice. The series will focus on a shadow world that exists behind our own, where magic is real and warring clans of sorcerers battle for power and the favor of their gods.

Spencer & Guice - Paradigms


The second series will be titled Cerulean, and will feature art by Frazer Irving. The series will be a sci-fi thriller that follows the last survivors of earth’s destruction as they struggle to rebuild civilization on a distant, mysterious planet.


The third series will see Spencer collaborate with artist Morgan Jeske, and will be titled Great Beyond. The series will portray a “post-life society” that values money over morals and your place in the afterlife that way. But one day, this society is rocked by the apparent suicide of one of its own.

Spencer & Jeske - Grat Beyond


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