How impressive is DEADPOOL’s opening weekend?

This weekend Deadpool exploded out of the gate with a massive 135 million opening weekend domestically, and an equally impressive 260 million worldwide bow. The film outperformed even the most optimistic estimates which had it pegged for a low 100’s debut, though the average industry projections thought it would open between 60-70 million.

Deadpool‘s 135 million debut might not seem all that impressive considering 2015 saw one box office record broken after another, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens setting a new bar for blockbuster debuts with a ginormous 247.9 million dollars domestic debut last December. However, make no mistake, The Merc with the Mouth’s debut is impressive in its own right. It broke the record for highest opening weekend for an R rated film (The Matrix Reloaded – 91.7 million), the highest February opening (Fifty Shades of Grey – 85.1 million), highest winter period opening (American Sniper – 89.2 million), and it obliterated the highest opening weekend of 2016 so far (Kung Fu Panda 3 – 41.2 million).

Beyond destroying box office records in general, Deadpool set some interesting records for comic book films as well. It got the highest opening weekend for an X-Men film, which previously belonged to X-Men: The Last Stand (102.7 million). It easily took the crown for highest opening weekend for an R rated comic book film away from 300, which previously held the record at 70.8 million. It earned the highest opening for a debuting solo comic book film, beating the likes of Iron Man (98.6 million), Spider-Man (114.8 million), and Man of Steel (116.6 million). In fact, it earned the 7th highest debut for comic book films in general, beaten only by Spider-Man 3 (151.1 million), The Dark Knight (158.4 million), The Dark Knight Rises (160.8 million), Iron Man 3 (174.1 million), Avengers: Age of Ultron (191.2 million), and The Avengers (207.4 million).

The smash hit is also star Ryan Reynolds biggest debut, besting his previous rendition of the regenerating smart mouth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine at 85 million dollars. It is also his 4th highest grossing film domestically to date, fifth worldwide, and will easily be his highest earner by the end of its run. Considering the film’s meager 58 million dollar budget, it seems like 20th Century Fox did the right thing ordering the sequel before the film even opened. Deadpool is the first in a string of many comic book movies opening in 2016, and it seems like it has managed to get the year off to a much higher start than anyone had ever anticipated.

Kristian Solberg

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