Graphic Novel of Web Comic Megahex Coming to Fantagraphics

Simon Hanselmann’s online comic, Megahex is about a lot of thingsdrug abuse, partying, depression, the angst of youth, listlessness, poverty, abusive relationships, emotional problems, peer pressure, nihilism, and morebut specifically all those things going on in the lives of three roommates that happen to be a witch, a talking cat, an owl, and their unstable werewolf friend. Megg (a drug-addicted witch), Mogg (a listless pot-smoking, beer-drinking cat), Owl (a somewhat responsible anthropomorphic owl that is the constant butt of jokes) and Werewolf Jones (an irresponsible, aged punk werewolf that is a terrible father of two) live in a dirty flophouse where they generally spend their days smoking pot, taking pills, watching t.v., and making more of a mess for Owl to clean when he gets home from work. Already a hit on the web, Fantagraphics announced via their website this week they will be publishing a hardcover graphic novel of the series compiling online episodes from the last five years as well as 70 pages of brand new material. Megahex is set to be released by Fantagraphics some time this August.



“Simon Hanselmann is the real deal, for sure. He captures that stoner stay-at-home life so accurately that I actually find his comics really depressing and thank god I don’t ever have to hang out with anybody like that ever again.” – Daniel Clowes

“It’s the range of these characters’ emotional register, and the beauty of Hanselmann’s renderings of same, that make his work sting and stick. Watching these themes emerge from a funny-animal gag strip with weed jokes is a bit like seeing the Locas saga spring forth from the brow of Jaime Hernandez’s old sci-fi stuff.” – Sean T. Collins

“These are some of the best comics being made in the world right now, I really think so.” – James Kochalka

“Hanselmann’s team of bitchy fuckups possesses such a well-unbalanced chemistry of neurosis, aggression and nonchalance you just can’t turn away. “ – Edie Fake

“One of my favorite cartoonists in the world right now” – Dylan Horrocks