GAME OF GEEKS: DC Deck Building Game – Crisis Expansion Preview

Can’t get enough of a good thing. By that I mean, DC Deck Builder. This time, however, it won’t be a game review, but a game PREview! Yes, that’s right an expansion to an already fantastic game. So here’s the details:
DC deck builder expansion

6 new super-heroes (no names released yet)
Dozens of new cards for the main deck. (details not release yet)
Compatible with the first two versions of the game
Release date is set for Q3
Price is not yet set

Pretty straight forward, right?…Wrong.

This new game nows gives a new play modes. You can take all the original and the new stuff and play like always. OR! You can choose between two new play modes: Crisis and Impossible.
Crisis is the new co-op game mode where you join together to fight super villians while dealing with 15 different Crisis cards. It also come with 8 new team themed super-hero cards! Oh yeah!
Impossible is the new PVP mode for the hardcore nerd within!

I’m trying not to drool on my keyboard.

So here are my thoughts. Awesome. I think the Co-Op play may be a stab at Legendary Marvel deck builder game which is strictly co-op. Regardless, I am looking forward to how they manipulate the game to make that happen. New cards, new art, new heroes all make me very happy, as long as it isn’t the same price as the regular versions of the game. My final thought, for now, is regarding something I saw on the packaging. It actually says “DC Comics Deck Building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 1.” Pack 1? That hints at more to come in this already sweet game line. That’s confidence backed by good sales results that predict success in the longevity of the game. That is what really excites me is that this game shouldn’t just disappear in a puff of smoke next year. Awesome.

Now I’m sure, if you have read my other posts, you’re currently saying, “Danger, what’s with all the DC love? When’s gon be Marvel’s turn?” Next week is gon be Marvel’s turn. So don’t let anyone ever say Danger doesn’t listen.

If there are any Comic related games you would like to see some info about please contact me or post in the comments.


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