Gail Simone Pens New All-Female Cross-Over Series, The Women of Dynamite

Geek Goddess and comic writer Gail Simone—famed for her amazing work on some of the most iconic female superheroes ever created (Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey) as well as the creator of both the website and term “Women in Refrigerators” used to describe unnecessarily violent deaths/depowerizations of female characters in comics—will be penning a new cross-over series for Dynamite Entertainment focusing on the most popular female characters in the publisher’s arsenal. The series, tentatively titled The Women of Dynamite, is set to a unite mainstays Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Dejah Thoris as the three main protagonists with appearances by additional female Dynamite characters down the road.

Simone, who has been writing Red Sonja for Dynamite since 2013, stated in the official press release about the series, “When I first spoke with *Nick about working at Dynamite, he graciously offered my choice of a huge list of great characters, and I immediately chose a favorite, Red Sonja, but that meant leaving behind amazing characters I loved! So doing this big, fun, noisy event book, full of action and fun and drama and sex and villainy, featuring some of the wildest female characters out there, that’s just awesome. Getting to work with some of the most talented female writers in the industry only makes it better!”

Currently there is no official or estimated date when the first issue will be released, but Dynamite did state that the title would appear in an upcoming issue of the Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog.

*Nick Barrucci is CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment