When it comes to zombies The Walking Dead controls the small screen.  The big screen is another story.  There are a variety of zombie comics ripe for adaptation, but none quite like Toe Tag Riot.  While most involving shambling along and eating brains, this story has zombies getting involved with social justice.  The infamous Westboro Baptist Church being one of their targets.  Writer Matt Miner has given us a four part mini-series that would translate into quite an entertaining cinematic experience.

Evie Vee – Raven-Symone

Evie Vee


Raven-Symone has been acting since she was 3 years old, which has allowed her to build a career in the entertainment business.  This includes 47 acting credits as well as some music credits to her name.  She has made statements about her sexuality in the past, but has made it clear that she’s not into labeling herself.  She has come out as a supporter for equal right when it comes to the LGBTQ community.  Raven-Symone could pull all the shaved head look playing the role of Evie Vee.  This disability that is a major part of the character can be achieve with movie magic.  When it comes to recreating looks, you can ask someone to shave their head but sacrificing part of a limb is crossing the line.

Annie Maul – Ruby Rose

Annie Maul


This 28 year old Australian has a diverse career.  Rose’s acting credits may be few, but she is also a DJ and model.  This gives her the look and ability to play the female bassist in Toe Tag Riot.  She was recently cast in the Netflix original, Orange is the New Black.  Annie Maul is dating drummer Evie Vee making Rose a great fit for this part given her statements about her own sexuality.  Having been part of the PETA campaign “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” makes her a great fit for a project tied to Matt Miner, whose other title Liberator involved animal rights.

Dickie Tagz – Mark Salling

Dickie Tagz

This 32 year old actor is well known for his character, “Puck”, on Glee.  Salling landed his first role in 1996, in the direct to video Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering.  As a musician himself, playing the front man in a band consisting of zombies is easy to imagine.  His role in Glee make you hesitant, but he did record a rock/jazz album.  Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails were two of his inspirations when working on the album entitled Pipe Dreams.

Paulie Propylene – Matthew Lillard

Paulie Propylene

The only actor I have chosen for this cast without any involvement in music, aside from perhaps listening to it, is 44 year old Matthew Lillard.  We’ve seen him play a variety of roles throughout his career.  His most famous ones being Shaggy in the live action Scooby Doo films, Stevo in SLC Punk, and Stu Macher in Scream.  His versatility makes him a viable option as a zombie rocker. 

Andy Hurley – As Himself

Andy Hurley

As the drummer for the band Fall Out Boy, Andy’s free time is limited when not in the studio or on tour.  Along with the other members of Fall Out Boy, he has appeared in tv shows and movies as himself.  This would be no different, and easier to manage with his busy schedule.  Really, no one else would be able to play him.  Duplicating his tattoos alone would be a nightmare for production.

Final Cut

When casting a project like Toe Tag Riot a lot has to be taken into considering.  Matt Miner and Sean Von Gorman have given us a mini series that represents a community of people that need to be represented in a positive way and by those from within.  Raven-Symone and Ruby Rose are currently well known figures in the LGBTQ community.  Mark Salling and Matthew Lillard have the capability of bringing a much needed edge when combining zombies with punk rock.  The Westboro Baptist Church has already brought some attention to the comic.  I’m sure they’d bring even more attention to the movie.  While we are a society that enjoys zombies, I think we enjoy doing things just to spite the members of Westboro Baptist.

Lindsey Bass

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