Flat Track Furies: Hot Pink Wonderland

Writer: Moirah Hummer
Artist: Moirah Hummer
Publisher: Pariah Comics


This fun, engaging comic features strong, funny, and tough women on a roller derby team that fight monsters in their quiet town. By relying on teamwork and friendship their able to protect their city from evil-doer’s and win the championship!

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Why I read this: The cover. It’s black, white, and pink. It’s simple, yet beautiful. I had a definite case of the cover loves. Another bonus is that it’s written and drawn by a cool chick, who sold me at “Roller derby team who fights crime.”

What I thought: My favorite part was the art. That black, white, grey, and pink theme continues throughout the book. It’s all really simple, yet elegant. Moirah Hummer also conveyed a lot of expression in her drawings. Facial expressions and body language were on point. There was never a time when I was confused about a character’s feelings.

I liked the diversity of the characters. Lots of races and body types were represented and that that was refreshing. All of the ladies were represented beautifully too.

While the art was great, I really would have liked to have seen more work in the story. I believe this is Moriah’s first story and it shows. I would like to see more reason for why there are monsters in Nuclear City and why a roller derby team needs to fight them. This is something that didn’t necessarily need to be completely fleshed out in the first issue but some sort of reference to what was going on was a must and it got skipped. Do monsters normally run around in this world or is this monster problem unique to the roller derby team? Why are they defeated by a sling shot and mace? Crime fighting is supposed to be the main bag of this team (I thought, at least) but pew pew from a sling shot and it’s dead? Really?

I’d also like to know a little more about the relationships of the team, especially the sisters. I suspect this is coming later. Their bonds are just awkward at the moment.

I really think Moirah needs an editor. This could have been better if we weren’t wasting time on pages to set the stage that highlighted girls’ butts and skates, and a short lived crush on a bartender that did nothing to contribute to the story outside of a Beyonce/girl-power walk off frame.


This first attempt has great art. It’s got a healthy dose of girl power but I want it managed better. I want reason for it. I want reason for everything even if it’s just tiny introductory slices of everything. I just wanted so much more.