FLASH Ratings Hit All-Time Low with “Paradox”

It seems like The Flash is having a difficult time finding it’s footing this season.

After an anemic debut in the season 3 premiere, viewership numbers continued their slide in the show’s second week, hitting an all-time series low.

Flash Ratings 10/11/16The second episode, entitled “Paradox”, pulled in just 2.8 million viewers according to Neilsen, which is well below the previous low of 3.03 million for season two’s “Versus Zoom.”

It is, of course, normal for shows to see a drop-off from the season premiere to subsequent episodes, but the week-to-week drop between the first two episodes of season 3 greatly exceeds that of previous years. Season 1 saw a drop of 11.59% between weeks one and two, while Season 2’s drop was just 2.51%. The ratings change between “Flashpoint” and “Paradox” represents an 11.67% tumble, one of the worst in the show’s history.

While the show is still in no immediate danger, the producers should certainly be concerned if they can’t right the ship in the next several weeks.

For context, this season’s ratings are listed below.

Episode 1: “Flashpoint” – 3.17 million

Episode 2: “Paradox” – 2.8 million

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