FLASH Ratings Hit Season High With Visit to Earth-2

It’s official, The Flash is a runaway success.

The thirteenth episode of season 2 marked a season high for ratings with Tuesday’s episode, entitled “Welcome to Earth-2”.

According to ratings watchdog site TVByTheNumbers, the Scarlet Speedster’s first foray into alternate universes clocked a remarkable 3.97 million viewers, making it second only to CBS’ NCIS in its broadcast hour. The Flash has averaged 3.6 million viewers per week in its sophomore season, a slightly higher rating than that achieved by fellow CW super-hero showcase Arrow in its second year and a much higher number than those for Arrow in it’s fourth season. The Emerald Archer is garnering an average of 2.2 million viewers per week, including big bumps for crossover episodes such as “Legends of Yesterday”, which helped serve as a pilot for CW’s latest venture, Legends of Tomorrow.

It is likely that ratings for this week’s episode of The Flash were handed a good bump by the announcement from CBS and CW that Central City’s hero will be making his way into a cameo on CBS debut season of Supergirl. The episode also answered long-standing questions regarding the relationship between the two shows in terms of how they will coexist.

While there has been no question as to whether or not The Flash will be renewed for a third season, strong performances such as this one should certainly help grease the corporate wheels and keep fans happy for years to come.



Source: TVByTheNumbers

Josh Epstein

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