First hint at how SUPERGIRL and THE FLASH might cross over

Following the recent announcement that The Flash would cross into Supergirl‘s world, actor Grant Gustin posted a photo on his Instagram account giving us our first hint into exactly how the crossover would take place. In the photo below, we see the title page for Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Michael Grassi‘s script titled “Worlds Finest”.

12647721_10103826703627085_1468756111_nThere is an interesting hint hidden in that title, and that is the usage of the word worlds rather than world’s. This might be a hint that The Flash and Supergirl appear in two different realities, or different timelines. This wouldn’t be the first time The Flash has acknowledged the existence of different timelines, as they have featured Golden Age Flash, Professor Zoom, and Reverse Flash across its two seasons.

However, with Berlanti’s title, we may have a hint that goes beyond time travel and multiple timelines. With this title, we may be heading towards a multiverse, as it is potentially suggesting that Grant Gustin‘s The Flash and Melissa Benoist‘s Supergirl are operating on different planets. This may be a lead in towards infinite earths, or at the very least that one of our caped crusaders live on Earth 2.

It would be a fitting way to handle the crossover, as The Flash airs on The CW, while Supergirl airs on CBS. Putting the two shows on different planets would explain why they don’t pop into each other’s world more often.

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