Final Wonder Woman Trailer Drops Amid MTV Movie Awards

Wonder Woman fans have received a bounty of hype for the upcoming film in the last week.  It doesn’t seem set to end soon, either, because tonight, at the MTV Movie Awards, Warner Bros. dropped the final movie trailer for the film!

This trailer seems to take many aspects of previous trailers and mix them together.  We see Diana as a little girl and as an adult, in Themyscira and in Man’s World.  We get a canonical name for the villain Doctor Poison, and some excellent new action shots.  Some lines from previous trailers also recur, including my favorite, “They do not deserve you.”

Considering the world we live in, that’s probably still true.  But the thing, I think, that makes Diana a hero is that she’s here anyway.  She’s the ur-example of the female superhero and many women have been waiting all their lives to see Diana lead her own movie.

Also, for better or for worse, how this film performs at the box office in June will define how studios may look at female-led superhero movies for the next decade at least.  It seems to be that Warner Bros. is putting everything they have behind this picture, though, which is a change from previous female-led superhero movies.  Here’s hoping for box office and critical success!  Because we all benefit from a successful Wonder Woman movie, no matter which side of the Marvel vs DC divide you fall on.

Wonder Woman will serve as Wonder Woman’s origin story.  It follows her leaving Themyscira in order to try and save the world from World War I.  Working with Steve Trevor, an American soldier, she’ll face up against Doctor Poison and even the god of War himself, Ares.  Directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster), and starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman premiers on June 2 2017.


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