Fantagraphics to Publish Graphic Novel of Webcomic Sacred Heart

Fantagraphics Books announced recently they have managed to secure the international publishing rights to popular webcomic Sacred Heart, a high school punk rock coming of age series created by Liz Suburbia. The comic follows the stories of main characters and best friends Ben and Otto, both somewhat typically disillusioned high school-aged punks living in an average suburban neighborhood where people go to school, rob convenient stores, get drunk, have sex and break stuff.  Except in Sacred Heart, no adults of any kind are there to break up the party including parents, teachers and even police. Also, people keep getting murdered. A lot. Suburbia herself describes it as “high schoolers in an unholy land.” The series will be compiled and published as a one-shot graphic novel.


In the official Fantagraphics press release about the partnership, Suburbia had this to say about her upcoming debut graphic novel, “Fantagraphics puts out some of the coolest comics on Earth, and I’m completely stoked and humbled to have the opportunity to work with them on Sacred Heart.”
The Sacred Heart graphic novel is due to hit stores some time next summer.