Falcon’s First Flight and Cap’s Next Fight


We’ve just received access to a clip from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it is awesome. It’s an action snippet that showcases the type of spectacle we can expect from the new movie as well as the relationship between the soon to be best buddies Captain America and The Falcon.

I’m excited that this clip Shows how the movie will emphasize the “soldier” part of the super soldier program. The setting takes place on a Navy air carrier and features the duo fighting some as-of-yet unspecified soldiers. My guess is they’re our own forces because of something Falcon says but more on that in a bit. Cap moves with a kind of speed and agility which reminds you how a man can wield nothing but a shield and his fists against guys with guns and still take them out. He also uses grenades which is a comfort to anyone who was wondering if this soldier was going to tone done some of the gunfighting action we saw in the first movie.

There is this one shot that had me salivating where the Falcon flies with explosions all around him from gun turrets that could have been ripped straight out of an old World War 2 era comic book. Getting to see them interact together was great. “How do we know who the bad guys are?” Falcon asks. To which Captain America responds, “They’re the one’s shooting at us.” I hope that the Falcon doesn’t take too much of a position as a rookie or “sidekick” because in the book they’ve always been more or less equals. But a-fish-out-of-water/amateur buddy cop might be what this movie needs.

You can check out the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments!