Elektra To Debut In Daredevil’s Second Season

Not too long ago, we wrote about the possibility of a Moon Knight TV show coming to Netflix, and the creation of such a show has since been confirmed. Moon Knight is a relatively obscure character in comparison to other Marvel standouts who have made it to TV and film, and naturally the announcement of this upcoming Netflix series has many wondering what else Marvel might have up its sleeve.

To an extent, that remains to be seen. Fans have long called for introductions of characters like Nova and the Punisher to the MCU (the latter of which has been announced as a character for the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil), and there have also been demands for reboots of heroes like Ghost Rider and Blade, whose respective film series withered before the MCU really got started in the first place. For now we’ll have to wait and see if those characters ultimately find their way into the modern MCU (or its growing Netflix branch). However, there’s one superhero character who now appears certain to emerge once more: Elektra will be joining the fold.

For fans who pay attention to the entire breadth of Marvel’s entertainment empire, this may not be a particularly surprising announcement. That’s because Marvel has carefully fostered an Elektra presence in gaming, which is proving to be a decent-to-strong indication of things to come in cinematic circles. The clearest example was through the Kabam app Marvel: Contest Of Champions, in which the Elektra character was introduced this fall. That came after Ultron took over the game in the spring (coinciding with the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron) and Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket were brought on board in the summer (for the release of Ant-Man). Even the Moon Knight recently found his way into Contest Of Champions, not long before announcements of the character’s Netflix show started emerging.

Elektra has also maintained a strong presence within Betfair’s slot collection, where she’s particularly noteworthy because of the company she keeps. The other character-themed slot machines deal almost exclusively with Marvel characters who are already connected to the MCU, such as the Avengers or Daredevil (whose Netflix show is separate, but exists in the same world as the MCU). The Elektra inclusion could still be related to the Jennifer Garner films from a decade or so ago, but generally this sort of content is kept fresh to appeal to modern players.

And now we needn’t wait any longer to see if these gaming harbingers were indeed leading up to a cinematic Elektra reboot. In October, a Variety article recapping parts of New York Comic Con included a teaser trailer recapping the first season of Daredevil and offering a few glimpses of the follow-up debuting in 2016. The teaser included a first look at Elektra and a hint of the Punisher, with both characters now confirmed to be joining the series.

Elektra will be played by French actress Elodie Yung, and while it’s not the standalone film or series some fans were hoping for, it’s an exciting addition to a very promising Daredevil saga. If the second season can match the intensity and craft of the first, Elektra will be in good hands moving forward.

Josh Epstein

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